Donations Campaign To Fund Procurement Of Medical Supplies For Emergency Medical Staff Treating And Diagnosing COVID-19

As you are already aware of the current situation involving the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting many nations, including the United States. The Healthcare industry is suffering from a lack of supplies to treat patients and also personal protection to prevent or at least minimize the chances of Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff within these treatment facilities from contracting the virus themselves. We at Sred Consultancy LLC and Sred Telecommunications are looking for donations from anyone and everyone who has the ability to help. With these donations we will procure.

  • N95 Medical Mask;

  • N95 full Face Respirators;

  • N95 Filters for Full Face Respirators;

  • Disposable Hazmat Suits;

  • Disposable CPE Shoe Covers;

  • Surgical Masks;

  • Disposable Latex Gloves;

  • Face Shields;

  • Viral Safety Goggles;

  • Sanitization Materials

These materials will be distributed first to Hospitals and care facilities affected most within the United States with a goal of supplying all Hospitals and Facilities in the United States with enough supplies to carry them through this trying time. 100% of donations will be used for procuring materials needed during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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